FO: Cozy

I finished Cozy and I’m super-happy with it. Here’s a pic of me being goofy, trying to imitate the model in Knitty. More pics are on my blog.

I was gonna say that it looked just like the pic from Knitty! Looks fantastic!! :muah:

that’s gorgeous! awesome pic! :heart: :cheering:

Very pretty.

I want your hair. :verysad:

It IS the knitty picture…new and improved :cheering:
I must say that Cozy looks great…worth waiting for, don’t you think?!

The resemblance is remarkable!

Congrats on getting it done! :muah:

Ooo, very nice! :yay:

It’s gorgeous and it looks lovely on you!!

:muah: I love it!!! :cheering: :notworthy:

Wow, Stacey. You’re so pretty, and your Cozy is lovely as well!

Aren’t you proud to finish that beautiful work of art? :heart:

That’s just beautiful…

Cozy is pretty nice too! :heart: :cheering:

Oooh. That Cozy is beautiful. However, it is far overshadowed by how beautiful your hair looks, especially against Cozy’s lace. Seriously, your hair is gorgeous!!

Very nice!! That color looks great on you!

That looks so awesome on you - the color is perfect!
I :heart: your hair, too. As a fellow curlytop, it’s always great to see women wearing their crazy curls with pride!

Very nicely done!

AHHHHHH! HAHAHAHAHA! Stacey I LOVE IT! And I LOVE THE picture! HAhahahaha What a great idea!

Wow, I just put your pic. next to the original and I can’t get over how similar they are. Make sure you save that picture, that’s for sure! It’s absolutely beautiful! :star:

Gorgeous!!! Love the photo!! It looks straight out of knitty!! Your hair is to die for.

:heart: I want yer hair AND yer Cozy! :heart:

That looks fantastic!! I didn’t read the text at first and thought “Oh they must have updated the pic” :thinking:

Great job!! :cheering: