FO: Coupling

Yesterday, I finished coupling from knitty. I used cascade fixations, my favorite sock yarn. It was my first toe-up attempt and I really liked this way of making a sock.

Lovely pattern. Great job! :slight_smile:

Those are absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous color, too. And the fit looks perfect. Great job!:cheering:

They look just terrific!

Those look great! Good job.

:heart::Very,Very nice!!You did a great job!:cheering:

Wow, really cool! I like yours better than the picture from knitty (I can see the pattern more easily with the color you chose) and I’m surprised how much I love them! Great job :happydance:

You said that Fixation is your favorite sock yarn, but isn’t it a DK weight? How do you adjust regular sock patterns to use this yarn? I’m very interested…

WOW those are great!!!

Fixations is sport weight. I knit it rather tight, so it’s more durable. With this pattern, I just had to go 1 needle size down. (which is 0.5 mm here in the Netherlands)

Sweet!! I love the color too! Nice work.

wow those are great, i love the design. if only you could wear those when you go out instead of shoes.

very pretty. too bad you have to put shoes over them.

Loving those socks!!!

I love them! They came out really nice. I have never tried that yarn. Now I may just have to buy some! :teehee:

They look great. I love that color, too.

Thanks all. I agree with everyone saying it’s to bad you have to wear shoes over it. That IS to bad, but well, I know they are there and they fit much better than store bought socks, and I had fun knitting them.

OOH, green, my favourite colour! I love those socks, the pattern is really great!

LOVE LOVE your socks!!! Beeeeeautiful!