FO - Convertible Wrap

I’m very happy to have finished this. It only took me 2 skeins of Bambu and a year to the day I purchased it. :teehee:

Although the pattern suggested to steam block it, I chose to soak it in some Eucalan and block the heck out of it. It measures 71 inches long and 20 1/4 wide.

That’s really pretty.


:happydance:Very pretty!! Great job :thumbsup:

Very pretty pattern, it looks lovely!

Oh my thats lovely… well done x



What a lovely wrap! Those lace patterns look gorgeous, but are also very intimidating. Good for you for tackling it!

ConGRATulations! :woot:It’s absolutely beautiful.

that is amaizingly Lovely
since I once said I could never make a sweater, and then the same about socks, I will not say I could NEVER make that
but it would be HUGE for me to make it come out that nicely

I may just save your image to inspire me later


That’s truly lovely. Wish I could see it on.

OOOOOOOOh thats so pretty!
Very nice job. :thumbsup:



It’s absolutely gorgeous! I love the color, love the pattern, and your work is beautiful. Where did you find the pattern?


soooo pretty!!! i love the colors and the lacey pattern

Thanks Slim! It was NOT difficult, but it did seem to go on forever.:slight_smile: And I did other things in the mean time. The pattern is free on the knitty website. It’s an eleven row repeat (with all the even sides purling). And since it is rectangular, there’s no increases. I do better visually with a chart, so I “converted” the pattern rows using Excel and a knitting font I found on the web;
I believe someone here has made one in wool; and I do want to make another—just not right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. Beautiful job.

Well done; it’s lovely! Definitely worth the time and effort. :cheering: