FO: Convertible Mittens are done!

I’m working on a variation of the Broad Street Mittens, the Pele by Berocco, and Knucks by Pamela Grossman.

Here’s the first mitten complete with embroidery (the other mitten will read FREE…CARE-FREE, for my friend DW who worries a lot). This took some time to figure out the three patterns, how I was going to modify each of them, and making a size much larger than my own hand without the benefit of DW trying them on as I went. I sure hope they fit and he likes them!

Very cool! You did a great job, and I’m sure he’ll love them.

Those are really nice, and what a thoughtful gift! I tend to be a worrier, too, and seeing those would definitely make me smile :slight_smile: Great job!

I like the message you are adding. I hope he takes it to heart. :slight_smile: It looks like you are doing a great job on adjusting the pattern. Hope they fit.


Those are great!

Those are his initials (not to be confused with Darling Wife).

Ohhhh okay! Usually it stands for Darling Wife, but you said “he” so I was completely confused. :wink:

DW - Darling Wife
DH - Darling Husband
DD- Darling daughter
DS- Darling son
DF - Darling Fiance(e)

(the first D sometimes can mean Dang, Damn, Dumb or whatever is appropriate at the time. LOL)

That is so cute. You have done a great job and & I am sure he will love them. :thumbsup:

Mighty fine job. :thumbsup: Repeat mantra as necessary.

Great idea/job! He will love them :yay:

Thank you, all! Here’s another picture of them done (well, almost; just need 5 more rows of ribbing–hooray!).


There sure are a lot of talented people on this website.:cheering:

You are very creative! Great work! My hat’s off to you!!!

I love these :slight_smile:

You put a lot of thought and work into these mittens. He will love them, they look great.

Great job! I love how you took different parts of patterns and combined them to make your own!

Thanks everyone! I rarely make a pattern [I]exactly[/I] the way it’s written, unless it has a technique that I’m unfamiliar with. I really like how they turned out as well, and I’ll be making more of them once I finish Silver’s “Two toe-up socks on one needle” tutorial.