FO - Converse Booties

These were easy and the results are just adorable! The weaving in of ends and seaming though… :zombie:

OH I love them. they are super cute. I wonder how easy it would be to make them a bit bigger and use as slippers for a two year old.

I [I]love [/I]them!! Thanks for including the link to the pattern :slight_smile:


I made these smaller intentionally. The pattern calls for larger needles and worsted weight yarn so they would definitely be bigger. Not sure how large, but if you can Ravelry (if you’re on it) you can see what others say.

How cute!!!

They are adorable Jan :slight_smile: Very Cool as the kids say these days lol

Those are very sweet!

Those are just the cutest booties ever! I can’t wait for another grandbaby to come along so I can make them.

those are so cute!

Those are so cute! :heart:

They are really cute.

Those are really adorable!

Those are great and I like your color choice of blue with the white.

I have a question about the pattern- it says use 4 and 5 straights, and 5 and 6 straights, but then I see that part of it is done on DPNs? Is this a typo in the materials needed section? What size DPNs did you use?

They are knit flat so it doesn’t matter what needle type you use. I used a 24 inch circular needle. It was too long really, but I was fine with them. The only thing you’d really need DPNs for is if you make an i-cord tie. I started to then changed my mind and just made a crochet chain. :wink:

Also…I was using DK weight yarn and wanted newborn size so I used size 3 and 4 needles. They look like they’d fit a newborn just fine.

Thanks for clearing that up. I might need to start these tonight, but should probably resist another WIP.

If you do them… for your own sanity do them w/o distraction. also keep track of your rows. I used pencil and paper. :wink:

Super sweet, Jan!!!

How cute are those!!! (Isn’t Ellen DeGeneres a big fan of Converse? For some reason I could see her in an adult version. :lol: )

Darling gift for any little one whose parents are hopefuly for future athlete.



those are seriously so cute!! I just love them!!