FO: Columns Scarf in Old Gold and Winter White

[Color="#300090"]This is a starting pic of Knit Picks Columns Scarf. (Sorry, I’m too tired to link. Edit: Link added by request) :thumbsup: Yarn is American Thread Company’s Old Gold and Roses (Dept Store brand) Winter White. Both are worsted weight size 10 (US) needles. I completed this for a Prayer Shawl Ministry and didn’t take a picture of the FO. :sad:

From the front.

From the back.

Ooo bet it was pretty! That beginning looks great!

Lovely n nice colour matching…thnks

Very nice, Jack! Do you mind linking the pattern when you can? I’d like to have a look. Thanks!

That is very pretty! :inlove:

I like!! I’m with Marria - please post link if you get a chance!

[COLOR="#300090"]The [B][U]Knit Picks Columns Scarf[/U][/B], a free download pdf file. ( ) :thumbsup:

I’ll include a live link in the initial post also.

Thank you all for the kind words. :waving: [/COLOR]

That’s going to be lovely!!! Thanks for the link!

Thanks! I put it in my Ravelry queue. :thumbsup:

How pretty!

Very very nice, and interesting, in the two colors! Way to go! :thumbsup:

The colors look very well together and the pattern is lovely:inlove:

Well I never did get a picture of the completed scarf.

Oooh this is really nice! Too bad about not taking a FO picture, I hate when I do that!! I really like seeing yours, the pattern pic does not do it justice like yours does!

Very nice scarf! (Looked at the link…is that Robin Leach’s son modeling their scarf??) :teehee:

Love the colors

Wow, that scarf sure is pretty! :heart: