FO: Column of Leaves Scarf

I love this scarf so much!! It’s a Christmas gift for my sweet dil, knit up with Mountain Colors Twizzle in the Juniper colorway. The pattern is here:

This was my first lace project, and it nearly drove me crazy until I got the pattern memorized, but now I can’t wait to make another.

:woot:Oh my goodness; it’s absolutely beautiful!!! The colors are so pretty in that, and it’s a gorgeous pattern! I am so incredibly impressed with you, girl!! Great job :happydance:

Beautiful, Just lovely work.

that looks fantastic, and the colors are gorgeous - great work!


It’s so beautiful!

:inlove: gorgeous! congratulations! great job, she will :heart: it! :cheering:

What a beautiful job on your first lace project! Love the color too…such a lucky dil :heart:

BEAUTIFUL!!! The colors and the pattern. Amazing, your first lace project.

Just heavenly, your dil will adore it!

That is just stunning!

Very very pretty, you did a great job! :cheering:

How gorgeous is that?? I’ve got to make this scarf. Every time I see a finished one I resolve to make it my next project, but I never do.

Fantastic work, Slim! :cheering:

Slim, that scarf came out incredibly beautiful. I love variegated yarn and you chose the exact right one for this.



Everything about it is wonderful! Stunning!

That is beautiful. Love the colours. The gallery of scarves on the link you posted is such an inspiration.


it is so pretty and classy,
wonderful job

It is so beautiful!