FO class mascot

I finished little Junie for my class mascot! My second graders will love having her in class.

They will love her alot!!! Great job!!!:yay: :yay: :yay:

She is just darling!! :muah:

Awwwww, she’s adorable!

Super cute, your students will love her!


She is precious! Great job!!! :cheering:

So cute - they can’t help but love her!! :heart:

That’s awesome ! She’s sooo cute. I haven’t attempted any toys yet.

She’s so cute! When my daughters were small, they were in a class that had a mascot bear (not hand-knitted though)that the students took turns taking home for a night or a weekend. Then they’d journal (with parents’ help of course…it was kindergarten) about how they spent their time with the bear. It was interesting. That little bear went on all kinds of adventures!

That is darling, great job!

Love her!!!

:inlove: That is so cute!!!:muah:

What a little cutie bear, may have to try one for our new grand baby.

What did the kids say?

So cute and well done! I love knitted toys so much!