FO- Clapotis

I just finished my Clapotis in Elann’s Endless Summer Luna in Zen [color=red]Red[/color]. It’s wonderful! :slight_smile: Here it is ~

You’re right! It is wonderful! And red is power color, good for you!


WOW! That is stunning!

Beautiful! And I love that color! :inlove: :thumbsup:

I could Sooooo see me in that!

That is so beautiful!

Gorgeous!! I love red! :inlove:

It’s fabulous!!

I just bought yarn to make my clapotis today. :cheering:

Is it pronounced clay-poe-TEE?

Thanks, I really love it! I think it’s clap-o-tee. Not sure though.

Very pretty! I’m using Luna right now for something too–it’s got a great shimmer and drape!

Your clappy is GORGEOUS!!! I love the color :heart: Wasn’t it fun to knit?!

Yes it was fun to knit! I love this pattern, even though it’s repettitive and basic, it’s very soothing for me.

Really beautiful! :inlove:

:heart: :heart:

Sooo pretty! Makes me wish that red was a color I could wear!

I may just have ot move that a little higher on my list of stuff to knit!


did you block it?

Gorgeous! :thumbsup:

That is gorgeous!! Stunningly so!! :inlove: :inlove: