FO - child's hat (it's crocheted is it allowed?)

Sorry if this isn’t allowed - in which event take it off but I saw there was a crochet thread elsewhere. There is a photo doing the rounds all over the 'net for a child’s hat and my friend asked if I could make one for her granddaughter. I believe it was a russian pattern and the chart that i saw had been done in USA terms so i tracked down the YouTube film and wrote it all down (there’s friendship for you) and this is what i landed up with - i was pleased with it and my friend and her grandchild were thrilled. The flower was from a different chart (my favourite blog Attic24) and the little embellishments are handmade filo ones from a local village woolshop made by the owner’s daughter.

I’m so glad you posted this hat. We don’t see enough crochet work and this is a delight to see. I can bet the recipient was pleased. It must look even more adorable on.

How cute! Sure, post away. The forum is pretty quiet now, but some people do crochet as well as knit.

Beautiful hat. Great job!

Well done. I love those bright colors.

I love it! You are a good friend to go to all that trouble, but I’ll bet it was fun and gave you a thrill. Congrats!