FO: ChicKami

[B]Pattern:[/B] ChicKami
[B]Yarn:[/B] Diana Collection by Yarns Northwest/[COLOR=DarkRed]color 04 true red[/COLOR]
[B]Modification:[/B] “Triangles” lace motif from The Knitting Stitch Bible

Finished this little cami using leftover yarn from the “Something Red” sweater. I love it. Made modifications in the middle of the bust area. The original ChicKami is plain st st all around. Can’t claim credit for the modification idea! Theresa over at Ravelry did it first! Great idea! I bought the book immediately just for this motif.

Here it is, underneath the Something Red cardigan I finished last week:

This is"Something Red" that I finished last week,
but haven’t worn yet cuz I needed the cami with it!

That really updates the twinset idea.

Very cute top!!

The sweater and top complement each other well. Very nice job! :yay:

WOW! Not only beautiful but FAST!!! You are one speed knitter, woman! :passedout:

Such a BEAUTIFUL set!!! Lovely work as usual! I LOVE the beautiful work on the cami!

I’m really happy with it! I’ll make more of these ChicKami’s for other cardigans. This one is a tad too big for me…but ya live and ya learn. It’ll be ok cuz it’s hiding under the cardigan! I didn’t make it to wear solo.

The pattern is really well written, too. No errors! :cheering: Wassup with that, in this day of mass-producing designs, rushing to publication without a real thorough QC? Doesn’t anyone KNIT things before publication?? :??

I’m sick to death with “pattern errors”.
It’s like the “norm” these days. :pout:

Did I say it’s my PET PEEVE?

Very nice job! I’m glad you can wear the cardigan now!

Adorable ! you will great in this lovely set :slight_smile:

What a beautiful set. The work on the front of the cami really sets the whole set off too. I just can’t imagine how quickly you must knit. Such incredible work too. WOW factor.

Wonderful looking set, the modified front on the cami really makes the set special!

Gorgeous set!

Very tidy and professional, as always.:muah: The only thing: I would leave stocknette stitch pattern on the bottom of top… :knitting: but every one has a difference taste…
It’s beautiful!:inlove:

Ooo, it’s very pretty! :slight_smile:

That is really nice and I think it would look good under some of your other sweaters as well. The stitch pattern down the center is a special one all right. Worth having.

I hear your rant on the pattern errors. Especially on commercial stuff, you’d think you’d get a little more for your money. The free patterns we get on the internet these days, have plenty of errors but at least they were free. LOL I appreciate the free patterns and feel like the errors are more to be expected. A lot of patterns are not made by professionals, but it is nice that folks share their efforts. I know it is hard to write a pattern, and easy to make a mistake, so I cut them plenty of slack.

Your top turned out a little big… At least that can make you feel a little skinnier than if it was too small. LOL

Do you mean you’d eliminate the ribbing at the bottom?
If so, yeah, I think I agree with that. I also think this ribbing is not enough rows tall. This was my first ChicKami. The time I just followed the pattern with the exception of the ‘Triangles’ lace motif.

The next time I make a ChicKami to complement another cardigan…I might make a seed stitch border, or maybe a hemmed edge.

This time it doesn’t matter because the bottom edge is covered up by the skirt of the cardigan.

I appreciate your feedback! You read the back of my mind!

I almost didn’t make the ribbing at the top, between the straps…but now I’m glad I did because it holds the top tight against my chest…no gapping. I knit the ribbing as tight as possible.

Totally agree with you! :thumbsup: [B]I pay plenty of money for the commercial patterns[/B] whether leaflets, magazines or hard cover books. And yes, I agree with you again about free patterns! But I’ve had less trouble with free patterns. Why is that? Maybe I use fewer free patterns…but all the same…well maybe the folks who offer free patterns don’t have the extreme ‘production pressure’ that the paid professional designers do.

There is one pattern book I can always count on for being error-free: good ole SIRDAR! I’ve never seen even one error in a SIRDAR booklet (they’re usually soft-cover, not too thick or expensive)

I also agree with you about creating a pattern design and then trying to write it out so that someone else can read it…and then making it brief enough that it won’t be as thick as the dictionary! Too few words, too many words…editing would not be easy.

So I guess you could say that while errors make me crazy :eyes:,
I have nothing but admiration for the Elsebeth Lavold’s and Veronik Avery’s of the world! Among others, they are simply genius. I don’t know how they do what they do!

I don’t have words. You amaze me. You are one incredible knitting machine.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Love the ‘something red’ sweater and the lovely cami… so beautiful. I think the colour is amazing!

What a perfect pair!!! Gorgeous!! I agree, you must be a knitting machine as fast as you turn these projects out!