FO: Capucine Hat in Worsted

I found a free Capucine hat pattern by Adela Illichmanova that I really liked, but it is written for big yarn. I didn’t have enough yarn to double it so decided to make a worsted version. I followed her pattern pretty much, with a bigger cast on and worked the whole thing, but the flaps were too close together in the back and it didn’t work. So I ripped back a bit and added an insert that separated the flaps and put them in the right place. Adela’s hat is really great, but if you like/need my version I put the pattern on Ravelry in my project notes.

That’s cute!

Oooh, how cute that is and such a great color!

Very cute hat! This is a great adaptation of the design to your yarn. Is it to go with the sweater?

Is it to go with the sweater?

Well, I gave it to the same gal but I don’t know if the style goes with the sweater or not. The yarn is the same though. I called my daughter and they got them today. DGD likes the sweater and the color looks good on her. I was told she is not a hat person, but if she gets cold enough she may wear it. I had asked about the style of sweater she likes before making it; I didn’t ask about hats. I just had the yarn so thought I’d do one.

Nice hat, Judy! Good modifications! I had to modify mine, too, but double-stranding two similar colors! The Capucine Hat is such a cute design!

Very lovely hat. You do such beautiful work!! I hope it will get worn (even though the person you gave it to isn’t much of a hat person). It’d be a shame for this little hat to go unworn!

Love that hat!!! Very, very cute!

Very nice disign and creative execution on your part. Great job!

Lovely hat!