FO Cameo Shell Stitch Shawl

Ladies and Gents, here it is, The Cameo Shell Stitch Shawl, knit with Caron Simply Soft!

As I said in another post I changed the pattern on this shawl to accomodate my MIL’s tiny frame. She is less than five foot tall and weighs 90 lbs. so I made the shawl less deep by putting in three shell pattern repeats instead of the six the pattern called for.

This is not a difficult pattern to do. I think if I were to do it again, I would go down one size of needle to make it a little less “airy”. At the end you have to do an I-cord bind off which is very time consuming. It took about three hours to bind off this shawl. Other than that, this pattern was an easy knit. It took about a month to knit.

Thanks for looking! :hug:

Beautiful shawl! Your work is gorgeous!

Stunning ! superb workmanship. It looks lovely my friend :slight_smile:

That’s really beautiful, and I love the color.

Christine, it’s amazing! The colour is just lovely too- I wonder who picked that out???
Your MIL will love it, and she will feel so loved when you give it to her. I hope that it helps her recover.

pretty! You’ve been busy!

That is just gorgeous!! :inlove:

What a nice DIL you are! It’s beautiful!

that GORGEOUS!!! boy your MIL is TINY!! and i thought I was short. I’m 5" and 96 lbs. LOL I’m usually only taller than kids. :roflhard:

Beautiful workmanship…just lovely…you must be very proud of this…

:woohoo: be-u-t-full:yay:


What a piece of work, The.Knitter! I love it. The colour is so warm and i think it will feel great through the winter.

Christine, it’s stunning! Great job!

Gorgeous!! She’ll love it!

I just got back from my MIL’s house. OMG she looks so ill, the poor dear. She can’t seem to stay awake for more than five minutes at a time. The good news is SHE LOVES HER SHAWL. She put it on and has not taken it off since. I just called my SIL when we got home and MIL is asleep in the chair with her shawl on and wrapped around her and the corners clutched in her hands, Bless her! My FIL loved his scarf and my SIL was very pleased with her knitted book cover. All in all, I think they were successful gifts.

On the way home my DH had to go for a dentist appointment, so I went next door to the bakery and sat and had a coffee and KIP’d until he was done with the dentist. That was fun, but I got a lot of strange looks. Knitting in the round while KIP is great because plain knitting in the round is pretty mindless knitting.

It’s been a good day so far. Now I need a nap! For some reason I am exhausted!!!

I just talked to my SIL and she says my MIL wore her shawl all day yesterday and could only be persuaded to take it off because she was getting into bed last night. My MILs words wereI am simply delighted with this shawl, its so nice and warm.

I think this was one well received knitted gift. I am a very happy person today because my MIL is so happy with her shawl! Now if only I could make her get better as easily as I made her get happy and warm…

What a beautiful shawl!! :inlove: :inlove:

My daughter is very small too and I am learning how to adjust patterns for her.

She goes to school in another state now and she was visiting me for a weekend. When I brought her to the airport to go back to school I was watching her approach security. She was so teeny tiny compared to everyone else I was sure they wouldn’t believe she was almost 18 and would ask her if she needed a stewardess to escort her . . .lol On the other end of the spectrum my 16yo son is already 6’ So much for her assertions when she was a little girl that she would ALWAYS be bigger than him because she’s older :stuck_out_tongue:

Beautiful, and it sounds like it was warmly appreciated.

It’s always a wonderful feeling to know a gift you made for someone is really appreciated.

I’m so glad she is happy w/ her gift.

Oh Christine! That is a work of LOVE and a work of ART at the same time!!! Thanks for being you…and for sharing!