FO: Cabled socks from August KAL!

Hey everyone! I’ve had camera troubles recently so I’ve got a lot of FO’s that I’m going to be posting today and tomorrow, and here’s the first: My August KAL project!! I couldn’t find many cabled patterns that I loved for the size of needles I had, so I just put a pretty cable on the front of a basic sock pattern. It’s Pace brand sock yarn, and I absolutely love how these socks turned out!!!

ETA: The cable is from the See Eunny Knit blog, where he teaches how to unvent a simple cable. It’s a Saxon braid :slight_smile:

Those are absolutely lovely!! Great job!

:inlove: :inlove: those are positively gorgeous!! :inlove: :inlove:
i really love that cable. where did you find it?


I love those socks. :heart::heart: I am so not brave enough for socks yet. And I love your cable. I really want a pair. I guess I need to get busy on my cable project. I have only gotten four repeats on my ihs. Perhaps I need to take it off of the reward project side and put it on the better hustle up and do it list!

It looks like you have a nice fit also. Very pretty :heart: & great job!

The socks look just terrific. You did a super job!

By the way Redheadrachel, where is the sweater that you completed? :tap:

Oh Rachel, they are just beautiful! Please share your pattern with us.

I’ve been missing your FOs while your camera’s been down – can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to.

:yay: WOW!! Those look great!! Awesome job!

[B][SIZE=7][COLOR=#8b0000]:passedout: YOU KNOCKED ME OUT! [/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

Wow, lovely cables! Great socks :cheering:

WOW!! Rachel, you are talented. :cheering:
Beautiful,Awesome,Great :heart: socks.

those are gorgeous! many props to you for improvising a pattern!!! :cheering:
I’m too chicken to insert a cable into a basic sock…

Thanks, everyone! Please don’t be afraid to put a cable on a basic sock - that was the point of talking about how I did it, to let you know that ANYONE can do it if I can do it! I think the basic sock pattern gives you the ultimate blank canvas for creativity, so definitely try to mix it up and make up your own stuff!! It’s way more fun than I could have imagined, and I LOOOOOVE the personalized results!! :happydance:

Thanks so much for the kind words of encouragement; compliments that come from knitters mean more than I can say. :muah:

Your socks are absolutely fabulous! Wow! You make the nicest stuff, and in seemingly not much time!

Beautiful! :heart:

Beautiful. Do you plan on wearing them with shoes? If yes, how do you think the braid will feel? Just wondering.

:hug: thank you redheadrachel, you inspired me. I’m now working on a basic Silver top down sock and I inserted a 4 stitch left twist cable going down the top middle of the foot. :hug: