FO: cable yoke sweater

I cast on for this pink sweater on Monday afternoon and finished late Thursday. Aren’t short sleeves much faster?! :happydance: 'Sorry for the fuzziness and bad lighting.

It’s a pattern from the Spring issue of Cast On done in KP Sierra (Wild Rose color). This was a fun straightforward knit – no crazy stuff. I did combined knitting on the 2x2 ribbing at the waist and hips. 'Seems to help, although it’s not fluid IMHO. Then again, doing more than 1 inch of ribbing is torture to me no matter what method I use! :rollseyes: It’s the constant moving back and forth with the yarn…

Now I’m going to continue working on the KP Sunset Pullover in KP Vacation (Ocean color). This yarn is very comfortable! So far I have just 3 inches of one sleeve done. :XX:

You started and finished in a DAY!? It looks absolutely FANTASTIC!!! Great job!!! :cheering: :happydance:
It’s beautiful!


The top really looks great on you!


Beautiful! It fits perfectly, too! :cheering:

Wow! That is so beautiful! And it fits nicely, too. I cannot believe you knit it so fast. Wonderful! :thumbsup:

I am inspired I have to make that!!! :shock:

Wow, you are a speed demon! How many cups of coffee did that project take? :wink:

It’s beautiful!

:cheering: :cheering:
That is simply gorgeous!!

And it fits you just perfectly!

Where can I find out more about “combined knitting?” I have some ribbing coming up in a couple of projects and I’m always open to new techniques.

That is beautiful! Pretty color, too! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Beautiful! Great color and it fits you perfectly!

:smiley: Absolutely stunning :smiley: And…WOW, u r a speed knitter :cheering:

Wow, that is beautiful. A very flattering design and I love the color. You did a beautiful job! Maybe someday I will be able to knit like that too.

Here’s a link to an earlier post that has internet sites on combined knitting including the NonaKnits one:

If you’re doing 2x2 rib, you only need to change the first purl stitch to combined knitting. If you’re doing 1x1 rib, change each purl stitch. Basically, you want to use combined knitting on the first purl stitch that follows a knit stitch in ribbing. This will help tighten up the loose knit stitch that precedes the combined purl stitch. I learned how to do this best from the NonaKnits link and watching Amy’s KH videos on combined knitting which are under the knit and purl sections.

The above link to a previous post concerns only knitting in the round where there is no WS. If you’re doing combined knitting for ribbing on straight needles, it’s even easier because when you do the WS, you do the same exact thing as you did on the RS row. Only the very first row is different: on the first row you wrap the yarn clockwise for the first purl st the follows a knit stitch. The second row on, you add one more action to what you did on the first row: knit into the back loop of the twisted stitches (which were the purl stitches that you did clockwise on the previous row). It seems like a lot to remember, but after just a few rows, it will make sense. IMO it takes longer than regular ribbing, but is worth it if you have any prominent ribbing.

One more thing: when you get to the end of your ribbing, you’ll need to quit wrapping your purl stitches clockwise and you’ll need to correct the mount of your twisted stitches. If you have any kind of pattern on the first row after your ribbing, you’ll need to make the last row of ribbing be correcting the mounts and not wrapping clockwise. If you have stockinette stitch, or something plain like it, on that first row after ribbing, you can correct the mounts and not wrap clockwise on the first stockinette stitch row.

I’m so wordy, aren’t I?! Sorry! :blush:

It’s a beautiful sweater!!

Not at all!! This is my kind of information sharing - THANKS!! :smiley:

:inlove: that is sooo pretty!!! you did a great job :thumbsup:

Love your sweater. It fits very nicely and you did a great job. :cheering:

How cute are you?!? Great job!

Great job–it look so cute on you!