FO: bucket hat

Bucket hat made from Paton’s Grace (two strands). Pattern is from chicknits. I think the brim is a little too floppy, so I might try running a wire through it to hold it up.


i love it!!

Looks wonderful - good luck with the brim!

That is so cute! If you don’t want to do a wire, you could try THIS

I love that! Great job!

:smiley: Love it…I love bucket hats!!
Great idea for the Stiffy, Kemp :roflhard: :rofling: Sorry, my mind wanders…it worked well on the hat!!

Great hat! And very ambitious doing it in black… you must have really good light!

That’s really cute! And I like the floppy brim, actually. :smiley:

that is too cute!