FO - Braided hood

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee! My first project with cabling in it! I did it :mrgreen:

Sorry about the model…she was the best I could do :shifty:

yay cables!! Good job!

Ohh I love it! Looks nice and snug.


It’s beautiful :inlove:and it fits the model beautifully:cool:.


:happydance:great job!!

Very nice!

[COLOR=Magenta][I][B]Wonderful color! [/B][/I][/COLOR] Really cute little hat! :thumbsup: Thanks for taking time to share photos!

very cute! :cheering:

Cute hood. The cables look great.

Very nice work! And cute on you!!! :smiley:

I showed it to my Nana and she’s asked me to make one for her! :passedout: