FO: Braided Cables Scarf

Well, it is DONE! My o My. I started this thing in June. What does that tell you!?? Yup. Sidetrips into Knitting World.

Anyway, I like it better than I thought I would…although I was bored with this scarf about 1/4 of the way through. I shoulda blocked it, but didn’t. I will do it later maybe. It is so long…feeding the blocking wires into the sides was[B] not [/B]on the agenda tonight!

I shoulda done just 3 braids across, and used US 8 needles.
Instead, dumb me…I did 5 braids across and US 6 needles. :eyes:
That made it take longer to complete. Ya live and learn.

Here it is…as it would look around the neck and down the front.
The yarn is ROWAN “Tapestry”. Nice to work with, but OPTIONS splits it constantly. But the cables go faster with OPTIONS.

This is folded.

Close up of edging.

Closeup of braids.

Very nice. Although if you scroll really fast up and down you get a really cool optical effect that I would have stared at for hours when I was back in college experimenting with “recreational” drugs. :wink:

I love it! The pattern is beautiful done in Tapestry.

As always your work is exceptional. Very pretty scarf. Even though you had to work on it for a long time and were bored after 1/4 of the scarf, I am sure that now it was worth the effort for you. This is one pretty scarf.

Very pretty!! :blooby:

Of course I just had to go and do that. :passedout:

Its absolutely gorgeous x

Me too… without the experimental drugs part. :teehee:

beautyful!:inlove: .

it’s beautful!

WOW, that is gorgeous!

I Like it! I think it looks awesome, great work! :thumbsup:
(I also had to scroll)

Another beautiful FO! And yes, I did the scroll up and down thing also. Monkey see, monkey scroll!

It looks great, love the cables and color change!

Oh my, that’s so beautiful! Dollyce, as usual - you’re an inspiration! The yarn gives it such a nice wintery feeling :heart:!

Very nice ArtLady. I’m with you 3 braids would have been enough work. Glad you didn’t give up on it though.

I noticed that, too! I debated on cutting the extra photo. Do you think I should perhaps delete the 2nd photo? Overkill? :shrug:

Thanks Merigold! Yeah, this braided cables scarf was featured in UNTANGLED CABLES…well, the basic idea. But, I tweaked the pattern because of the yarn I was using. I didn’t think 3 braids would be wide enough. But,alas, 3 braids would have been more than enough! But by the time you realize it…you are too far gone to double back! If it had been a gift, I would have ripped out, and re-knit. :eyes:

It is really beautiful. I too finally finished a scarf that has taken me ages. Bore Ing !! gotta laugh as scarves used to scare the crap out of me! lol

that looks awesome!!!