FO: black lite scarf and hot pads

I made this scarf for my 14 yr old niece (color: Saffron Silk) using bernat black lite yarn.
The pattern name is Dropped Yarn Over Scarf.

full view:

close up to view stitches:

These two hot pads aka trivets are 2 of a set I am making my mother in law.
I used Peaches & Creme cottons and because I was making hot pads not pot holders I used 4 strands.

Both to show size difference:

large oblong for under 10x13 or similar baking dishes:
actual size 10 1/2 inches by 8 inches

8 inch x 8 inch square

The larger hot pad is in garter stitch, but smaller is in moss stitch with a garter stitch border.

I love the scarf:inlove:Those hot pads look nice and thick, so no worrying about burns, Nice work:thumbsup:I bet your mil will be happy. I made my gram some dishcloths and she was soo thrilled:teehee:

fHere’s my recent project. I’m looking forward to cold weather so I can wear it.

They look wonderful!!! :happydance:

Good job! :thumbsup: Love the scarf–great color!

Nice work. Your neice should love the scarf, the color should be very “in”. Your four strand trivets should be just the ticket. Very practical.

It’s great to see everything that you have created, and I’d like to do the same. How do I get a picture from my computer to this message?

There are image hosting sites you can upload your photos that are on your pc to. Then you copy and paste the direct link or use the html link (but you might need to resize your photos if you actually post the pics) which is why I stick to posting links instead of the actual pics in messages.

Some sites that are free that will host your photos : (no membership at all) (free membership) (free membership)

I hope that helps.

Thanks very much sunny_singer. I’ll get my daughter to help me.

Cool scarf! Is that from one of Debbie Stoller’s S&B books? I suppose I could always walk over to the bookshelf and see… Love those colors!