FO: Beret and Booties

My first FO is Booties…then I decided to do a beret for my baby too…

both turns out kinda big for him…so I guess he might have to wait awhile before he can wear…:roflhard:

My first time knitting…hope both FOs turns out well

Very nice first projects. I’m impressed. I like the yarn you used for the beret, the texture added to the variegated yarn makes it unusual.

Great job on your first knitting projects!! :woohoo:
They’ll look so sweet on your baby.

Too cute!!:inlove:

Lovely. Great work!

Thanks for all the great comments!!

I would like to do a cardigan for my baby…any recommendation for simple patterns for beginners like me?

How sweet!

They look terrific!

Wow, I’m so impressed with your knitting! Those are amazing first projects. The beret is adorable.

Here is a simple baby sweater

And your knitted things are

Very cute!! Great job :happydance:

Very pretty–what pattern did you use for the booties?


Great work :thumbsup: especially for your first projects! Baby will be so cute when he gets to wear them :inlove:

Great work on your first projects. Both look really cute.

First projects?! Wow very nice!
Can I ask where you got the pattern for the beret? I would love to make one for my new granddaughter.
Thank you,

Awe…how cute! You did a wonderful job…

Those are great! So cute! :cheering:

Beautiful work :thumbsup:. I can’t believe that you are new to knitting:yay:

SOOOO cute!!! try out the daisy baby cardigan from (just click on archives and search for “daisy” i believe will bring it up). it’s pretty simple, the hardest part is the seaming for the sleeves.

thanks! will keep this pattern and see if i can knit…

i still having trouble trying to read pattern…too many abbreviation used so seems confuse to me