FO: balaclava

This is a Russian inspired design. It can be worn as a hat or pulled down over the face. It’s great for walking the dog or a quick jaunt when you don’t want to put on a lot of stuff. Also known as a ski mask.

That’s a very good looking design with beautiful cables. You’ll be the best-dressed dog walker, for sure!

Wow! I had no idea a ski mask could look so classy! But yours certainly is lovely and the cables take it up a notch. “Balaclava” or “ski mask” is too mundane of a description for this beauty!

It is a beautiful job!!!

Ohhhhh, this is the nicest balaclava I’ve ever seen! Wow! Very fresh looking and beautiful!

I provided a pattern link for this. The yarn called for is a bit out of my league pricewise. And probably hard to find in my area. I substituted with Bernat Premium yarn. I guess this is a new one that’s just been out since the fall of 2011. It’s a worsted weight acrylic. I’m very impressed with it. It knits up like a dream, doesn’t split, and it has a shine to it. I would definitely recommend this yarn. I got it at Walmart, but they’re being obstinant. First they had it, now last time when I went they didn’t. I may end up having to buy this online in the future.

That looks very warm! I like the pattern, too!

Nice. I’ve never seen one with cables.

I like it, I like it a lot. You really do such lovely work. I wish the Walmart near me carried Bernat yarns.

Very nicely done. :cheering:

I looked on the Bernat website, but didn’t see any yarn called “premium”. What kind of yarn did you use for this?


very classy!

That is an amazing pattern! Does the opening really stretch enough to pull over your head for a cowl? What kind of yarn and size needles did you use?

Beautiful work!

Hi knitcindy! Bernat Premium yarn is only available at Walmart. It is not available on the Bernat yarn website.

I think Bernat Premium was a marketing experiment to see how well it did. My local Walmart marked it down and discontinued it. It’s no longer available anywhere. I think this is one that’s gone by the wayside. Too bad. It was nice yarn.

If you liked this yarn, you can send an email to Bernat to let them know. They appreciate input from their customers.