FO- Baby Sweater

I have a new nephew, just born on June 10th. I knit this sweater for him, using a basic baby top down raglan sweater pattern, and I put cables on the sleeves.

What a cute sweater! It came out wonderfully. :slight_smile:

That came out great! It’s so cute!

That’s adorable! Nice touch on the sleeves. :thumbsup:

The sweater is adorable. Well done. :thumbsup:

I :heart: the sweater! Cute!

Beautiful!! I love the cables on the sleeves!

Adorable!!! The cables on the sleeves add such a unique touch. :heart:

That’s really nice, and the cable detail makes it special.

You did a wonderful job. Excellent cable work!

Very sweet!

That’s just adorable! How lucky he is to have an aunt like you.

I love it !! When you added the cables did you add extra stiches to the pattern if so how many?

:smiley: GORGEOUS :thumbsup:

lovely! :heart:

Those cables are lovely! Very nice work!

Oh thats lovely - I really like the cables!

Thanks everyone for the compliments on the sweater. It’s getting shipped out today as a surprise for my new nephew and his mom. I’m itching to add the finished pics to my blog but SIL checks my blog sometimes and I don’t want her to see the sweater before she recieves it.

I didn’t add any extra stitches to the sleeve portion of the sweater. All I did was keep the sleeves in reverse stockinette until I had enough stitches to start the cable pattern, then I started the area around the cable pattern in stockinette as more stitches were added for the raglan.

Oh wow, that looks fantastic! Nice work! :thumbsup: