FO--Baby Socks, Opal Petticoat yarn

I did these baby socks on the plane home from my MIL for Thanksgiving. I used my own “basic sock pattern”…tried to make it relatively the same size as other baby socks I have knit. I have no idea what age they will fit. I need to test them on my friend’s twins. They are 3" long and 2" wide. Maybe some of you with baby experience can help me out with sizing here :slight_smile:

I was experimenting with ways to BO the top, RE: slippage. I think the looser one may be too loose. I guess I’ll know once I get the twins to take them for a test drive.

Very cute! :thumbsup:

SO cute, Kempy!! Maybe the looser BO will turn into an adorable ruffle?

It is kind of ruffly, but loose…just want to make sure it stays on.

3" would be for a very young baby. My 2 year old has 6" long feet. (Only a knitter would know the length of their toddler’s foot :rollseyes: :roflhard: )

great! I was hoping they would be somewhre in the 0-12mo range.

Very cute! I love the colors.

So cute! I was going to say 6-12 months… to be exact. :wink:

VERY cute, Kemp! My little monkey is 8 months old and her feet are about 4 1/2 inches long…but, she’s got some long arse feet. So, they’ll probably fit a 6-9 month old.


Cute socks. But I’ve never known a baby to keep any socks on for long! :wink:

[color=blue] :heart: Love the socks! Wonderful colors!
southern maine

Thanks everyone!

You are right about them not staying on, Ingrid! My friend claims though that the newborn socks I made for the twins stay on better than anything else? Maybe something about the wool? At least they’ll look cute for a couple of minutes before they rip them off!