FO baby outfit

Hello everyone,
I have been around this site (silently) for while, gathering inspiration from you all. I thought it was about time I posted my recent FO’s. I have been knitting for about 1 year on and off around my 2 young boys. So you can imagine I don’t get much time to knit and these are my first real knits other than scarves.
Hope you like :mrgreen:

totally georgous.

i take it your expecting a pink one?


That is an absolutely adorable baby outfit! Great job.

very nice work! Soooo cute! Thanks for posting!

How’d ya guess??? tehehehe :slight_smile:
We have been told it’s a girl, still there is always that chance that it could be another boy. I think he’d look great in pink if that were the case :roflhard:
Thank-you for the compliment.
I’m pretty pleased with my efforts


Beautiful outfit! What a lucky little girl!

where did you get the PATTERN that is one of the cutest outfits I have ever seen!!!:muah:

That is adorable!! I’m sure your little girl will look fabulous in it. And think of all those envious looks you’ll get from all the other moms when you tell them you knit it yourself! :yay:

That is adorable.

Awww thank-you so much.
The pattern is from Cleckheaton No.948 pattern book it has 10 simple baby knits in 8ply.
I’m onto my second outfit now.

So if it’s a blue baby, you can always dye the outfit, but these days they are usually correct.

That is the most adorable little outfit I have seen in a long time. You should be well pleased with it, it’s sooo cute. Of course, we expect to see a picture of the little angel wearing her pretty pink outfit, so don’t forget!

I hope all goes smoothly for your and baby. What are you going to call her?


So sweet!

great job! i love the sweater :slight_smile:

That outfit is so adorable - I :heart: :heart: :heart: it!! The colors are great :slight_smile:

aww! i like that! its so tiny! what a lucky baby! good work! :cheering:

That outfit turned out wonderfully!!! Great job! :heart:

:passedout: that is adorable!! :heart:

What a cute ensemble!! Adorable!

It’s Beautful!!!