FO: Baby Leggings


I made some leggings for my 3-mo-old son. They aren’t perfect, but I have to say I’m pretty happy with how these came out overall. I used Appalachian Baby sport weight organic cotton in silver and fawn and size 5 circular and dpns. They are entirely seamless: the toes and crotch are grafted and the waist band tube for the drawstring was created by folding the fabric over and knitting together the working edge with the cast on edge. The feet have simple wrap-and-turn short row heels. The stripes on the legs used a jogless helix method.

I fancy they look good on him!


Yes, they do look good on the l little tyke.


The leggings look perfectly wonderful and they are adorable on that sweet baby. What a lot of nice techniques in that pattern. Well done!


hey, thanks guys!


Very well done! They look really comfy!


Well, those are just adorable!