FO: Baby Leggings


I made some leggings for my 3-mo-old son. They aren’t perfect, but I have to say I’m pretty happy with how these came out overall. I used Appalachian Baby sport weight organic cotton in silver and fawn and size 5 circular and dpns. They are entirely seamless: the toes and crotch are grafted and the waist band tube for the drawstring was created by folding the fabric over and knitting together the working edge with the cast on edge. The feet have simple wrap-and-turn short row heels. The stripes on the legs used a jogless helix method.

I fancy they look good on him!


Yes, they do look good on the l little tyke.


The leggings look perfectly wonderful and they are adorable on that sweet baby. What a lot of nice techniques in that pattern. Well done!


hey, thanks guys!


Very well done! They look really comfy!


Well, those are just adorable!


These are great! The draw string is perfect! Allows for expanding tummies…:blush: Is the pattern shareable? Would love to create a set of these, mittins and hats for the hospital!!!


Thanks so much! The drawstring waist was my solution to the inelasticity cotton.

I didn’t use a specific pattern per se, but just “designed” them myself by kinda piecing together various techniques I’d used on other projects. I’d be delighted and flattered if you wanted to copy any of my methods especially for such a noble cause, but I don’t have anything written down in pattern form and I’m not super fluent at that either. But I think I can describe the construction method fairly concisely and maybe that’ll help…?

I did it entirely in the round and in st st. ( I used sport weight yarn from Appalachian Baby. used a 16” circ for the body, dpns for the legs/feet, both size 5 US.) I determined measurements for the waist, legs, and feet by measuring my son and then multiplying by my stitches per inch with those yarn and needles to get stitch counts for the various sections. longtail cast on. the holes for the drawstring made with yarn over eyelets (YO with paired decrease). I made the tube for the drawstring by folding the cast on edge back on itself and knitting it together with the current row (but you could also sew it later, if preferred). There were no increases/decreases in the body of it. I worked the legs one at a time. 1 decrease right at the beginning in the crotch and then 5 paired k2tog/ssk decreases spaced down the length of the legs at the inseam
to the ankle. The stripes down the legs are a basic helix stripe technique. The heels are just a short row heel and the toes are just a pretty standard classic sock toe shaping. The toes and the crotch are grafted with a regular kitchener stitch (left enough of a tail from starting the second leg to use for grafting the crotch).

Warning: The one major mistake I made with these was making the rise from the waist to the crotch WAY too short! I’m going to have to cut and redo the top soon bc they now won’t stretch up over his butt anymore. especially when he has his bulky cloth diapers on!

Hope that helps!


This is great!!! I really appreciate your sharing… I will definitely post my “preemie leggings” once they are knitted. I will write down what I do in case someone like me needs to know…:wink:. Thanks again and happy knitting!!!




They are very cute, but how did you find the time to knit leggings with a newborn!!!
I gave up knitting for awhile well I had younger kids. BUT that said I had a friend who knitted me some stuff for my second child ( blanket sweater newborn hats mittens&hat sets for 1 yr old )
For my 3td she made me several pairs of wool pants( no feet) to be worn as soakers. A before rubber pant / diaper cover garment for use with cloth diapers.
I loved them!!