FO - Baby Hat

I made this hat whilst the football world cup final was on tv last night!

It’s lion brand velvetspun (same as my ‘scary rabbit’!), in lavender. I have a thing about purple - must broaden my choice of colours!

Here it is modelled by my lovely daughter.

That hat is adorable!! :inlove: :inlove: It looks soooo soft! And your daughter is gorgeous!

So cute! Watch out, don’t let Kelly see, she might take a nibble out of yer baby :lol:

Complete cuddly cuteness! Your little girl is a doll!

I love purple too!

Precious!! And I love purple!! :heart:

aww what a cutie! and the hat is cute too~

Lovely hat! And you have an adorable daughter! :inlove:

That came out so cute! Your daughter is a cutie!

So cute & your daughter is beautiful!

Cute, Cute, CUTE! The hats really nice too!

Mama Bear

She is SO CUTE!!! love the hat, too :wink:


They’re both gorgeous!

Your daughter is adorable and she seem to love her hat!

awww how cute!! It looks so soft. :slight_smile:

What hat ??? :slight_smile:

What a beautiful baby! Those eyes are gorgeous!

Cute hat!