FO - Baby Fair Isle Set

This is for my bestfriend’s daughter who is due right around the end of the year. I happened to pick these colors just because I love them together (and mom-to-be loves lavender), but little did I know that they’re THE nursery colors too (plus pale yellow)! :slight_smile:

I posted this in the whatcha knitting thread when I started it. At first, I wasn’t real thrilled with the pattern. It’s a baby weight yarn knit on size 7s and 9s… which I think it too loose. And there is a lot of peicing and finishing with this set. But, in the end, when it was all finished, I really fell in love with it. It’s very squishy, soft and cozy!

Gorgeous, as usual! The colors look great together.

Wow! That is beautiful!

Silver, honey…that’s simply dahlin’…just dahlin’
I SO :heart: IT!!!

Your work is absolutely breathtaking. Sigh. HOW long have you been knitting?

It looks very comfy, and I LOVE the colors.


You and your color work always amaze me!! You must have a lot of patience. Love the outfit!


Wow! Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

Kitkat, I’ve been knitting 2 years… I think?? I have a horrible memory. :oops: I would have sworn it was longer than that, but judging by the fact that one of my first projects was a baby blanket for a friend who’s then preggo belly is now a 2 year old boy, I’m thinking it must be 2 years. LOL

Edited to add: No, WAIT… he’ll be FOUR next month! So I’ve been knitting for 4 years.
I told you I had a bad memory!!


That is just gorgeous. I love those colors together. Silver, are you a continental knitter? All your stuff practically looks like it was knit on a machine it’s so neat. I still am in awe of the “ugly” side of that cream and green set you did from a while back…
Was that a free pattern? I love it.

I knit english primarially, but when I do color work, I knit the main color with my right hand, and the contrast color continental style with my left hand. It’s so much faster than dropping and picking up each color! I also wet block everything. I don’t even bother steam blocking anymore. Wet blocking really evens and smoothes the knitting up very thoroughly.

That cream n green set is from knitty.comBaby Norgi by Wendy Johnson. I added the hat, socks and mittens myself though, using patterns for a similar set in the same yarn.

Beautiful, as always, Silver! What a good friend you are–she’ll love it. You take such excellent pictures, too!

Beautiful :thumbsup: :cheering:


:doh: I forgot to log in again…that made me a “Guest”…absolutely GORGEOUS Silver :thumbsup:


O WOW! This is so nice!

you rawk!!! :cheering:

O.M.G. You do amaaaazing work! What a lucky little girl she is to get such a beautiful outfit! That is something she will cherish and hopefully hand down to her kids! beautiful!

Thanks everyone! :heart:

Oh my gosh Silver, beautiful as usual! I love the color. It looks so cozy and warm too!