Fo baby dress

Here is a baby dress i have just finished for a friend who is due in February.
I was not too sure about the colour but i think it turned out ok.

That is gorgeous!! Your friend is going to love it! :slight_smile:


It looks great!! I’m sure she will love it :happydance:

I agree, it looks great!!

Awww it’s cute!:yay:

That is so sweet x

It is adorable. Can I ask where you got the pattern?

I think the color is nice. Good job.

Looks very ‘raspberry’ (much like sherbet) on my moni and love that color! Always enjoy little items worked up in non-traditional ‘baby’ colors. Great job.


It’s adorable!

I think it turned out adorable! I guess it’s a baby girl:teehee:

That’s the sweetest little dress, well done!

The pattern is quite old . It is pattern no. 2527 made by Studley.
Hope this helps mare-nitt :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone.

how cute!

It turned out wonderful, Rita! I love the color and the design! :thumbsup: