FO: Baby cocoon sack and cap

This is a free pattern from the Bernat website, using their new Baby Cakes yarn. I knit it for my pseudo-SIL— her first son is due in December. In the past I have exclusively crocheted baby afghans as gifts for births, but the picture on the website of the baby in this sack looked sooooooo cute. This was the first time I’ve knit any type of colorwork, and I think it will be a while before I try again-- ALL OF THE TAILS TO WEAVE. :noway:


I think it will look much cuter with a baby in it.

Aww, that’s very cute!

Awww, it’s adorable!

LOVE it!!! Saved the pattern - thanks!

Hi! it is cue, I like the stripes!
And cute toe nails :cool:

I have a question (not being a mother): do babies get good use out of these cocoon sacks? That looks like a nice gift to make and get fancy on the pattern or stripes, or whatsoever. But is there much use for them?

I know those sleepingbags that are essetially an overall with big legroom. But just the bag?

If they get used practically I will probably make one for a baby or two.

What age are they good for?

by the way: did you cut the yarn every stripe? I would just run it up inside.

Adorable! Love the colors you chose as well … it will be super cute!

Very Cute!

Very cute - baby will look like a little pea in a pod!! Great color choice :thumbsup:

I wish I had this baby cocoon when I had my 5 babies! It’s so darn cute AND USEFUL! No booties falling out onto the ground! No bare legs sticking out, gettin’ cold! GREAT WORK!!!

Cute, cute!! And will be even cuter with a baby in it. :heart: I wonder if they are hard to get the baby into? Sort of like putting a living pillow in a pillow case. :lol: It may take two people to do, but will be worth it once it is on.