FO: baby cardigan raglan shape

I made this cardigan from top down, using the Hourglass pattern.

It’s for my newborn grandniece and the yarn ist a soft acrylic.

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What a cute sweater! I love the stitches you chose. :heart:

That is adorable!!!

That is one gorgeous sweater!

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What a pretty little sweater!! I love that stitch!

:sun: Wow! What a beautiful sweater!

Like everyone says, I love the stitch and the color you used!


I absolutely love it! Did you have a sweater pattern you used or did you make it up? I would love to knit one up for my sister who is expecting… if you have a pattern for it. Thanks.

Everything about that sweater is perfect! It’s so cute!

Thanks :muah:

I’m very happy that you like my cardigan :cheering:

I decided what I want to do, then I was looking for a nice stitch pattern and found the hourglass pattern.

I made a gauge and then I used a German site with a top-down raglan calculator. It’s nearly like this one. The calculator told me how many stitches I have to cast on.

But the calculator gives only the number of stitches for a sweater and so I divided the front stitches and added 6 stitches for the garter stitch border on each side.

After that I took my circs and started to knit :smiley:

The increases for the raglan I made with YOs. I started with the hourglass pattern at the end of the increases because it’s very tricky to knit a pattern between the raglan lines. In each 2. row you make 8 new stitches and it’s really not easy to assimilate these stitches to a pattern. And instead spending hours and hours with calculating and testing I prefer knitting :wink:

I hope this will help you for your project a little bit :smiley:

Wow…that is just beautiful!! :inlove:

Oh my goodness!!! I’ll bet your niece was thrilled when she received everything for her daughter!!!


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that is so so beautiful. I love that stitch!

OMG! I wish I could knit something like that… it is awesome!!

Beautiful sweater. I love pink :slight_smile:

It’s beautiful!! :heart:

Lovely! You’re very precise. I wouldn’t have the patients to do that. That is so cute! :heart:

That looks great!