FO: Baby Blue Drops Cardigan 78-11

I LOVE this cardi–finished it Thursday and wore it all weekend on our trip to Lake Tahoe!
Yarn: Euro Yarns Peru DK Luxury (11 balls) in Alpaca Sky
Pattern: Drops Cardigan 78-11
Changes: Cast on fewer stitches for the sleeves and started with the lace pattern.

I LOVE that sweater! :inlove: You did an awesome job on it!

It’s GORGEOUS!!! No wonder you love it! Great job!

Wow, that’s absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful color, beautiful pattern, and it fits you perfectly. I’d never take it off!

Beautiful sweater on a beautiful model. When you are not tutoring, perhaps you should do some modelling…

It looks fabulous Gina. I love the colour. Great work.

It looks fantastic and you look great in it :slight_smile:

:inlove: very pretty!! Great job!

:inlove: WOW!!

That is beautiful!!! Well done-love the color, the pattern, and you really look gorgeous in it. :yay:


You should love it, it’s so bleepin adorable on you. Great job

WOW beautiful job. the fit is perfect on you!! love the color as well.

WOW! That is so pretty. It looks very nice on you. Just Beautiful.:heart:

Thank you all for the kind comments! I wish it would cool down here now so I could wear it!

Christine, you crack me up! Don’t you know cardigans hide the rolls caused by eating rolls?

Very pretty, I love that shade of blue! :heart:

You have a great figure for showing off the cool things you knit. This is another stunning piece. It looks fantastic on you. I love the lace, and the neckline. Your finishing looks really good.

Gorgeous, and looks great on you, am off to look at drops patterns!

Very lovely cardigan! Looks great on you!

What a great looking cardi. Great work! :thumbsup: