FO - Baby Blankets

I recently finished two baby blankets (already have 2 to do for next year). This one is a Feather 'n Fan pattern with 2 strands of Simply Soft on size 11 needles:

This blanket is a simple simple stockinette with a garter stitch border - I used RH Baby Clouds on size 15 needles:

and this is a close up - I’m surprised you can see the stitch definition as well as you can. That yarn is pretty fuzzy.

They both look great, love the feather and fan…:yay:

Very pretty blankets :slight_smile:

Pretty, pretty! Love the Feather and Fan!

Wonderful work! The feather and fan stitch is just the best classic lace pattern of all! It always looks nice no matter what color or what yarn is used! Yours is no exception! It looks great!

The teal fuzzy blankie is also very nice. The stitch definition showed up real good for a fluffy yarn!!