FO: Baby blanket

I just finished knitting this baby blanket. It’s a gift for our friend’s daughter, who’s obviously having a baby (Duh!). I used 2 strands of yarn held together, blue and pink, Rowan Soft Baby, 4 balls of yarns of each color. I used a size 11 circular needles - my first time using circular needles!

The link to the pattern is :

Somebody else knitted this blanket and posted a picture on this forum - that’s how I got my idea. So… thank you! :muah: I was looking for something easy and fast because the baby is due in like one day now. It was strange, though, because there seemed to be more in the blue ball of yarns than the pink ones - the pink ones ran out before the blue ones did. :??

Some of stitches were kinda loose because there were times when I was not paying attention to the needles (I was watching a movie at the same time… bad… bad :fingerwag:) but I don’t think the baby is going to notice it.

Anyhow… like always I had fun knitting it and my fingers are tired now, gotta rest before I start knitting again.

Pretty Pretty Pretty… good Job!!

ooooo, that’s beautiful :thumbsup:

I really like that.
I may just make one for myownself~

…much larger size granted. Thanks for the link. :cheering:

Love your blanket, just in the nick of time too!

Beautiful! :cheering:


:heart: Very pretty!

wow, that’s lovely! :heart:

wow, that’s lovely! :heart:

Looks so soft and cushy! Perfect!

Pretty! What a lovely gift!

That looks lovely! Got it done just in time, didn’t you?

Great job!

Lovely!!! Baby and parents will love it :cheering:

It looks so cozy!

I have a question about this pattern:

When it calls for a circ needle, it doesn’t mean it’s knit in the round… you just use the circ as a straight needle, right? Which means it must need two circs, right? Or am I totally wrong?

The reason the pattern calls for circular needles because the width of the blanket will not fit on the straight needles. I used size 11 circular needles with a 32" cable length. You just knit back and forth with the circular needles . Amy has a video on how to use circular needles on this site if you want to see how it’s done. It’s really easy!

Yes, that’s what I thought. Just wanted to make sure. Thanks!

Beautiful Blanket, btw!! Looks very soft and cuddly!! You makin’ mine next? JUST KIDDING!!

Great job!!