FO: Audrey In Unst

I’ve been kind of MIA lately… we FINALLY got busy at work, after about 2 months of moving complications, which means less knitting time.

During that time, I completed one of my New Year’s resolutions and KNIT MY FIRST SWEATER! I think I finished all of the knitting back in February, but I had a helluva time finding 11 buttons that matched well.

There are some fit issues, the biggest being that I’ve lost 15lbs since I measured myself for this sweater. I learned a TON of new techniques working this pattern. The pattern was well written and I definitely see myself knitting another one of these when I’m not rapidly dropping through sizes.

Ravelry Notes: Including my artsy “gaze into the distance while posing” photo that The Boyfriend won’t stop making fun of.

Next up: Going back to my roots and working on another baby blanket! I swear, people around me will not stop getting pregnant. Don’t drink the water!

You look fabulous in your first knitted sweater–even with the “gaze into the distance while posing” stance (although it’s really not that noticeable).

Congratulations on your first completed sweater–and for dropping 15 lbs. and counting! :yay: on both counts!!!

It’s gorgeous! You did a wonderful job on it!

Thanks, ladies! I hate taking pictures so I was just kind of goofing around and said, “You know, when ever I look up patterns they always have the models in these crazy poses where they are looking off into the distance like they either can’t be bothered to smile or their new sweater has just made them philosophical about the meaning of life, like this…” And then The Boyfriend started laughing so hard he made me promise to put it on the interwebz. :slight_smile:

Oh my, very successful first (really first?) sweater. It looks fabulous on you and you chose a good, strong color too.

It’s beautiful!!!

It is lovely and it looks great on you. It is what happens when you are young and have young coworkers, they have babies. Now, if there comes a time when the 50+ crowd start having a bunch then I might think the water had something to do with it! :rofl: You did a great job!!!:inlove:

This is an adorable sweater! You look fantastic!

I knit a Gudrun Johnston design a while back…the Kerrera hoodie. Her patterns are written up really nice, aren’t they?!

I learned new techniques from knitting Kerrera, too…like picking up the sleeves at the armholes, and knitting down to the cuff, which included learning how to shape the sleeve cap with short rows, etc. It’s all a blur to me now, but at the time, it was a lot of fun…and her pattern was very clear about each step!

I’ve always liked this little Audrey cardigan!

It’s awesome for the first sweater and I the colour choice is great.

Very nice first sweater and fits you well even with the weight loss. (Congratulations by the way!) I love the little detailing in the front.

Excellent work Shana!

Thanks for sharing :muah:

Your first sweater looks great on you. :yay:

omg it looks wonderful! And I love the gaze! Funny thing, my daughter was fooling around and posed for a picture like the models and it was wonderful too. I said to her " yeah like that it looks great" and she said "oh mom, I was just fooling around. Maybe we all should start posing like them as the pics turn out nice when we are “just fooling around”. Congratulations on the weight loss.

Very nice!!!