FO: Artlady's Calluna Cardigan

Phew! Finally done!

Pattern: Calluna by KnitPicks Design Team
Yarn: City Tweed HW
Color: Dungarees
Skeins: 9.5

Made some modifications. Sleeves have a garter cuff, and they are longer.
One extra “cable ring”. Collar is slightly different, and a bit longer.

Fits perfectly! I was doubtful that it would look good on me!
But, even though I have no waist these days, it actually makes me look like I have a waist! Yay!

I used vintage mother-of-pearl buttons from my husband’s
antique collection of odds’n’ends!

I made some improvements to the pattern, such as a better way to lead off the cables from the g. stitch hem to PREVENT SERIOUS PUCKERING…and better buttonholes, etc…and if you’d like to read about them, visit my Ravelry folder. All the details are all there! ARTLADY’S CALLUNA!

BLOCKING, and shows how this was constructed!

Yarn shows true Dungarees color!

Oh, my. It is wonderful! Such a feminine cardigan – I love the gentle flare over the hips. And of course, your mods have made it even better. Lovely work, as always.

That is just lovely!!!

Did you find the pattern user friendly? I’ve been having a REAL problem with Knit Picks patterns lately!!

Absolutely beautiful! And that City Tweed is the best!!

Wow, that is gorgeous! I LOVE the waist shaping - it could do alot for me lol!!

WOW!! You sure do crank those projects out quickly!! It is, of course, amazing! Love your work. Amazing. :slight_smile:

Amazing, again! never cease to stun me with your gorgeous creations. I want to be you when my knitting fingers grow up.

That’s a beautiful sweater!

Gorgeous as usual! Your work is an inspiration!

I :heart: ArtLady’s knitting projects!

That sweater is gorgeous!!!


Great work!!! As always - a precision knitting leading to perfect fit garment:thumbsup:

That is BEAUTIFUL! :cheering:

Love, love love it.

What sizes does it go up to? I think it might give me a waist too! Is it suitable for 5’3’’ 48" bust do you think?

You really ARE an inspiration! That is beautiful!

Here are the finished sizes!

Finished Measurements
32 (36, 40, 44, 48, 52)” Chest

I made the 48".

Yes, the 52" would fit you perfectly! :thumbsup:

It looks gorgeous on you! I love, love, love it!! :heart:

I have been to the Web site to try to buy a download of the pattern, but for some reason it will not let me register or buy as a guest, possibly because of the overseas address. I have had no trouble buying patterns through KnittingDaily though. This is the work computer and maybe something needs to be unblocked??

I WANT CALLUNA!!! Have had a look at Rav and Artlady, your notes are amazing.

Just beautiful! :heart:

wowwwwwwwwwww’s thats luks gr8 on u …ncie color …its so beautiful…thnsk for sharing it in details

Maybe it is the work computer. But, give KnitPicks’ customer service toll free number a call! I’m sure they can hook you up! :thumbsup: