FO: Another Malabrigo Bed Jacket!

I finished my purple Malabrigo Bed Jacket today. It is a Tahki pattern, found in the Spring-Summer 2007 booklet. Click HERE to see the booklet for sale.

I only altered the sleeve cuffs to make it appear more bed jackety.

This is the model photo:

My cuff

Very nice! I love the way you tweak the patterns! You are a knitting machine!

:yay: It looks wonderful!!!

You are fast!!!

I love it!! its so pretty. Gorgeous buttons!! absolutely adore the color!!

absolutely beautiful!

This colour is absolutely stunning! Man, you’re one fast knitter! I :heart: it!

Your knitting skills make me green with envy! :mrgreen:

LOVE that color!

Gorgeous color!! And I love the buttons you chose. As always, your work is flawless.

[COLOR=“Indigo”][SIZE=“4”][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][B]So Beautiful! I love the color! I want one now![/B][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

Please tell me you made that one for me… :happydance:

It is beautiful! You have an amazing talent. :slight_smile:

Ok, how do you get these things done so quickly? Seriously!!! Great job.

Like all of your work - beautiful!

Hi all! :waving: Thanks for all your kind words of appreciation! :inlove:

I was in a hurry yesterday, getting the bed jacket photos done and editing the pixels…and DH was hanging around urging me to hurry up, we have to leave soon. Sigh.

So today, I want to share a TIP with you. I had to re-knit the Left Front twice…and the photo below will tell all. Here is what happened:

Y’all know how garter stitch pulls and sucks up in length when you “knit-it-in-the-the-rows” of the body of the (stocking stitch) front.

My first attempt looked simply lousy. I thought…well maybe blocking will solve the problem…but y’all know that garter stitch button bands go right back where they are most comfortable, even after blocking.
As I was knitting the Right Front, I had a “lightbulb moment”. (I was about 6" into the Right Front.:woohoo:

I tried inserting short rows every 4th row…and VOILA…it worked! All row distortion seemed to disappear! So I frogged what I had done on my Right Front…and started re-knitting a new LEFT FRONT, inserting short rows every 4th row…for a total of 16 short rows for the 64 rows of garter stitch.

This is a photo of LEFT FRONT #1 without short rows…and LEFT FRONT #2, re-knit with short rows! Yippee! (FYI: the little threads are 10th row markers)

This is very nice. Holy cow you are quick at knitting. Your work, as usual, is superb. I have to admit that I like the other jacket much better, but I was never a “purple person”. Great job!

Yes, the green one is my favorite, too…but my husband likes the purple! I made it to wear with my new sleeveless cotton (lavendar) nightgown.

The green bed jacket is for the white nightgown.

Am making a pink bed jacket now, for the pink nightgown.

And the blue nightgown? Hmmm. Dunno yet!

Yeah, I went kinda nuts on the new nightgowns! Loved the style, couldn’t make up my mind between the 4 colors, so I ordered all 4. They were on sale at the website!

Very pretty!

Really is amazing what short rows in garter band can do. :wink: Your comparison pic affords a great visual for those new to knitting who’ve yet to realize the differences in the row depth of diff stitch patterns.

As always, everything you make is outstanding!


Your bed jacket is just beautiful. Your knitting always looks so nice and neat.
I couldn’t help but laugh about your gown buying spree. I have a sister who just LOVES gowns, and I immediately thought of her. If she’s like she used to be when we all lived at home, she had more than one gown

Stunning and you have used my favourite colors!
You work is first class x