FO: Ankle Socks, Felted Pen Holder, & Tennessee Dishclot

Here are my recent FO’s. A pair of ankle socks, in cascade fixation. It was my first time using the fixation, I’ll probably use it again, but it isn’t my favorite sock yarn. It comes in beautiful colors, though! The felted pen holder is a pattern from FC Easy knitting I believe. I used two strands of WOTA held together, violet & hush. It was a great stashbuster project! :thumbsup: The Tennessee dishcloth was my first attempt at graphing out my own pattern. I think it turned out pretty well!

Your socks turned out great! I really like the idea of that pen holder, though. I’d like to make one for my desk. Great job on everything!

Cute socks and I love the pencil holder!

Everything looks great! :thumbsup: I love the colors of your socks!!

:smiley: Everything looks great :wink:

Everything looks terrific! I especially like the looks of those socks. What is it about the yarn that you didn’t like, as I’ve not yet used it. :?:

Everything looks great. I too love the pen holder too - a functional thing for those who won’t “wear” what you knit - Christmas gift idea! :cheering:

That’s all really good, I especially like the pencil holder!

Thanks! :smiley:

Renna, I wasn’t used to knitting with yarn that already had elastic in it. It was different…The yarn kind of makes the stitches look wonky. Other than that, it’s an ok yarn. :thumbsup:

Really cool! :sunglasses: I think your “coaster” for the pen holder is the same pattern I’m using to make DH a felted coaster for his pooter desk!

great job…I think you did great with the “T”

Danielle, I [size=7]LOVE[/size] that pen holder!!! My other obsession is pens and that would be so fun to have!! Could you tell me which issue that is and maybe I can order it (do they do back issues I wonder? :thinking: )

Cute FOs!!! I :heart: the pen holder! Great idea! My practice objects for some new knitting techniques will be knitting a few dishclothes. =) Great job! :cheering:

I love the socks! What pattern did you use?


Andrea, the pattern is from FC Easy Knitting Spring/Summer 06. It should still be available. :thumbsup: The pen holder knits up really quick!

Candice, I used this pattern, instructions are at the very bottom for the ankle socks. Instead of doing the cuff by the instructions, I altered it to a K2 P2 ribbing. :thumbsup:

Danielle, thanks for posting which mag that pattern is in. I’m making DH a coaster out of some Patons Classic I bought {what did I buy that stuff for originally anyway? :?? }, and a matching pen holder would be great.