FO - Alphabet Blanket

This is to be a gift for an ex co-worker’s first grandchild due in March. Once I knew of the upcoming arrival, I searched and collected many patterns until I found Debbie Bliss’ Alphabet Blanket (found in The Baby Knits book).

Decided to do this lace in acrylic so it could be useful (just throw in the washer/dryer) instead of just being “pretty”.
Well you know how a lace item looks before blocking? Like, well …crappy? I thought what if this still looks crappy, even after I wash and dry it? I did some researching on the web; and the above picture is before the wash and dry, but after I “killed” the acrylic. Yes, I steam-pressed it. Boy–talk about nervous!!!:pray:
And later today I’ll see if it holds its blocked shaped after being machine washed/dried.

Back to the pattern, [U]there is an errata[/U] on DB’s website (make sure to get it for corrections to the charts) and I left off the border points.
And only picked up 187 stitches along the sides for the border as so many knitters have complained that the number given in the pattern, resulted in non-wanted frills that required heavy blocking to correct.
That said, overall a good knit and I’ll do it again—especially if the 'killed" acrylic works out.

Yarn: TLC Baby sport-weight: Powder Green; used 2.1 skeins
Needles: KnitPicks US 3 (3.25mm) 24" circular (nickel)
Finished/blocked size: 36" square
[B]Update: the killing worked!! Machine washed and dried; and it kept its’ shape, becoming very soft and silky!!! Oh yeah![/B]

This is truly sublime! It is so complex, yet delicate and subtle! Wonderful use of color and design! Great job!

It’s beautiful! Lovely gift.

This is the “killed” blanket, in a more true shade of color. The only way I can explain the softness and drape that occured is to compare it to bamboo yarn. And seeing it come out of the wash with the blocking intact [U]and[/U] then the same result out of the dryer…:woohoo:

I just have to say it again! I LOVE YOUR BLANKET, in whatever color! Something I think is really classy is the monochromatic theme!

You resisted any temptation to do the alphabets in a contrasting color, or to outline them in a contrasting color, or to add any other color at all! The monochromatic theme sets off the alphabets best! Great job!!!

Wow! That is a very nice gift! Love how persistent you were to block the acrylic! This is a blanket that will be cherished for many years.

what a lovely baby present, great job knitting as well!

Great job, it’s just beautiful!!

Thank you everyone! I very much enjoy lurking/posting here; and sharing my little bit of projects with you.
This baby gift is just as much for the grandmother-to-be as it is for the baby. And yes, I throw in the mom too…(smile)

Wow!!! I love it!! I always wanted to do that pattern but never got around to it!! Great job!! That baby is so lucky!!

Wow! It turned out awesome!!! Congrats! I love the color too!

That came out beautiful!! :inlove: I wanted to make this for a friend a while back, but didn’t have the time. I plan on making it someday for someone special. Thanks for the info on doing it with acrylic and “killing” it - great to know!

Truly inspiratioanl!!!:muah: :muah: :muah:

WOW! Amazingly beautiful!

It’s beautiful! Do you have it on Ravelry? I’d love to see more photos and closeups of the killed acrylic.

I’m so impressed, I don’t know what to say. Absolutely beautiful blanket,and so good to know that features of acrylic we don’t like can be ‘killed’ that way.

Oh, I bet it’s soft, soft, soft!