FO Alpaca Scrunchable

I made this with doubled varigated tan/off white alpaca with an occasional mix of off white thrown in for variety. It’s very soft and substantial–it’ll be very warm. It’s for ‘other grandma’

It’s Kelly’s scrunchable pattern, k2, p1 on both sides with a selvedge at each end. Pretty quick!

I likey likey that one alot :thumbsup:

:inlove: :inlove: You are so nice to make that for me! Its beautiful!!!


Thanks! I’d be tempted to keep it, but her birthday was yesterday.

Mindee–I’ll make you one when you come and get 5-year-old Ryan every Sunday and keep him all day, and occasionally overnight. A small price to pay, in my opinion. :wink:

:inlove: :inlove: Very nice Ingrid!! Absolutely beautiful!!! :inlove: :inlove:

OOOH! I LOVE what you did with the colors! REALLY nice!

[size=2](it’s not MY pattern…I found it at KPC.)[/size]

Thanks! I know it’s not technically YOUR pattern, but I wouldn’t have given it a second glance if you hadn’t touted it and given us such a good close up of the stitch pattern.

After the cat zoomed in on it, I realized that the colors are actually the best I could have done for the recipient. She has four cats, and three of them match the scarf. It’ll look like mohair in no time!!

:cheering: great job, Ingy! :cheering:

That is sooooo pretty! Is alpaca soft to the skin for someone wool sensitive? Also…what do you mean selvedge on the ends?

Thanks, Jan.

Alpaca is softer than wool, but I’m not sure about people with wool sensitive skin.

Selvedge is just one stitch on each end–you know, the ‘slip the first and knit the last stitches.’ The pattern is in multiples of 3 plus the two ends.

I believe the word ‘selvedge’ comes from ‘self edge.’

Okay. I’ll just have to get some soft alpaca or something to try and see if I can handle it.

Is the scarf knit from short end to short end or length wise? I was trying to figure out how you’d slip a stitch on the short ends because I thought that was what you meant.

I guess I should have said a selvedge stitch on each edge rather than end. It’s knit on the short ends, just k2, p1 across on both sides. It makes a column of knits, a column of purls and a column of seed. Very squishy.

Ingrid, that is simply gorgeous. :shock:


Jan…there are not many fibers more soft and LOVELY than alpaca!! Go HUG some NOW!!!

:roflhard: I was thinking of ordering some… does Knit Picks have something super soft and skin friendly?

Andean Treasure, Elegance…they have LOTS of alpaca & alpaca blends!

He would love my house. Five kids to play with and one of my boys is 6, the other is 4. I’ve got so many that I probably wouldn’t even notice the extra kid :roflhard:

I’ll pack him up a bag, and he’ll be right over! :wink: