FO Alice Starmore Wave-pattern cardigan

This sat around for over a year for me to finish the sleeves, but it’s done and I’ve worn it several times. It’s from The Fair Isle Knitting Handbook, made with Jamieson & Smith yarn from Schoolhouse Press.

It was knit in the round, steeked for the sleeves and front, and cut open.

Now that is a labor of love. Very nice and what talent! :yay: Mary

That is just gorgeous. :cheering: The stitches look so small. You got a lot of detail in there. I’m glad you finally got the sleeves on it. :muah:

Just beautiful. I hope to knit like that someday.

Stunning. You did a fantastic job.

I am so jealous, love the colors in your cardigan. As said above, I want to knit like you when I grow up.


That is simply stunning! :inlove:

You are a very talented lady!

WOW!!! Beautiful! So much fine detail in the hand-work. It looks great.

:noway: . . . . :clink:

(too incredible for words)

Holy Cow! I can’t fathom the work!-- well, yes, I can, and again, holy cow! It really looks great!

Thank you, everyone!! It looks a lot more difficult than it really is. Seriously!:hug:

Wow. Just wow. That’s all I can say. It looks amazing, Ingrid.


That’s beautiful! :rofl:

Fabulous! Incredible! Great job.

:inlove: wow…so pretty!!

What a beautiful sweater and I love the colors…I took her book out of the library a few months ago. Some day I hope to knit like you too! And steeks, yikes! That’s for another day!

Beautiful job, you must get a lot of compliments when you wear it!

a beautiful piece :yay:

Wow!!! How incredible!! I can’t even imagine tackling something that intricate! GREAT JOb!

:thud: as always just in awe.