FO - 2 face cloths for a gift

So I get a call this morning from my boyfriend saying that tomorrow is his cousins birthday and we need to give her something. Fortunately(?), I’m currently unemployed and had the time to whip these up today. I have to run out and get some nice bath product to go with.

The first one is the Leaf Patterned Spa Set.

The second one is Grandma’s Favourite Dishcloth and they’re both in Sugar and Cream.

Pretty! Don’t you just love those little cloths? They are so easy to whip up for gifts!

Good job! She’ll love them both.

Very nice! I’m sure she’ll love them both :slight_smile:

If I were to receive them for my birthday I would be sooooo pleased xx

In one day? Wow! Lucky cousin.

Very beautiful!!:heart:
I especially like the leaf lace one… :cheering:

Kbagel, These look really nice and fairly quick (quicker than a sweater anyhow for a beginner!!) I think I will try them. Thankyou. Wendy

:cheering: They look great!!!

looks great! I am sure she will love it.

they look so good:)

Wow, what a quick knit! Lucky boyfriend’s cousin!