Flying v scarf

I’m trying to knit the “flying v scarf” from Exquisite Little Knits. It’s knit on the diagonal and I can’t seem to get it going. I do the first 15 rows and end up with a little pennant and 9 extra stitches hanging off the needle. The pattern then says “On the other side, rep rows 1-14 to create another triangle on the straight stitches.” I don’t get that. Any help?

Could you share some of the instructions so we can see what might be going wrong? Is there any special technique involved that you’re not familiar with?

Thanks for asking. The pattern reads “CO 17 sts. Row !: k1inc1, k1; turn–leave 15 sts unknitted. Row 2 S1, k2 turn. Continues like that to Row 13: K1inc1, k13;turn–leave 9sts unknitted. Row 14: S1, k14, turn. Row 15: K1inc1, k23–25sts. On the other side, rep rows 1-14 to create another triangle on the straight sts.” That makes the bottom then the middle of the scarf for as long as you want it is-- K1inc1, k14, skp, k15–32 sts. Then you do 15 more rows to create the other end of the scarf. You’re supposed to end up with diagonals that intersect in the center of a rectangular scarf without any sewing or picking up sts. I just can’t figure it out. It’s by Iris Schreier, whom I gather, is the guru of “modular knitting”. Is that what this is?

Any and all suggestions appreciated!

After you knit across all the stitches, you start working the same sequence on the first stitches of the other side–the 9 that you didn’t use. On that end, do the k1, inc, k1 turn and work back and forth to make another triangle. Does that make sense?

This shortcut should get you to a picture of the scarf on Amazon.

Yes, that makes sense. But when I first tried it I got 2 little triangles hanging down from the needle like pennants. Shouldn’t they be joined together somehow. But you’ve given me the nerve to try it again!

It could be that the first two are little pennants, but when you work the other triangles they get joined.

I wonder if it’s anything like this scarf?

KellyK just knitted that one…if it sounds similar you might want to ask her how it worked out.

Ditto Ingrid’s comment. I made the Diamond Blossom Scarf from Iris’ new book, Modular Knits and it looks similar to the Flying V scarf, but has diamonds instead of "V"s. As you continue to knit, the short rows will close the gap between the pennants and the pennants will become the bottom triangles.

(Somebody “borrowed” my Exquisite Little Knits so I’m sorry I can’t help you out with the specifics)

Carolyn (another one!)

Thanks to everyone who talked me through it. It’s finally working. You were right–trust the pattern and see what develops. It’s starting to look pretty cool!