Flute case?

Has anyone seen a pattern (preferably felted) for a flute case? I thought I could adapt a pattern for a yoga bag, but then I was talking to my sister (who is getting said case for Christmas) and she said each piece needs its own space or everything will get scratched. :nails: I’ve googled it and come up empty. Any help would be appreciated! :cheering:

I saw someone on Yarn Harlot said they tried to do this and wound up with a yoga bag. I actually doubt you could readily make one with all the compartment divisions unless you use a framework of some sort and then glue or apply felting to that…??

Hmmm… She said there are only 3 pieces, so I was thinking about making a yoga bag with pockets. Sure, I could figure it out on my own, but it’s so much easier to be lazy about it and follow a pattern. :oops:

hmmm…well…I guess you could take the felted bag design with the music note designs on it and adapt? Redheadrachel (sp?) made a lovely one of those and that would be topical and I ‘think’ about the right sort of length and add pockets to that…however…you could add pockets inside it…for security? Worth a thought. I can’t find my bookmark for it but someone is sure to offer it. You could just change the top to make it more secure perhaps.

I just found the pattern I mentioned. If you lengthened this and added press studs to the top? Or a form of fastener?


Wow! What an amazing bag! I have a lot of musical family members, so I will definately keep that in mind. I found this pattern that I think is the right size (I need to be sneaky and measure her flute), :teehee:so I may just add pockets on the inside of it.

She loves pink and brown together, so I think I’ll make it in a variegated shade ot Paton’s wool that has those colors.

One question about felting pockets. Will the sides of the pocket felt to the main part of the bag?

Thanks for your suggestions and the lovely pattern. :cheering:

Update - I talked to my mom and she said the flute [I]has[/I] to have the hard case, so I guess the idea of pockets is a moot point. I’ll just make a case for her case. :slight_smile:

yeah- I was just going to say- the flute will get dented and the keys will break if not in the hard case. (not good if she’s serious and has an expensive flute!!!) making a case for the case is the best bet- then you don’t need to make the interior pockets. One pocket for the cleaning rod/ rag would be nice!! a yoga bag shape would work just fine.

That bag is so cool!

Ooooooh!!! A custom hand-knit felted case cover! That will be very cool.

That’s what I’m hopin. A cleaning rod pocket is a good idea. Thanks everyone. Now to order the yarn!

:slight_smile: I also wondered about the denting issue too…given that all commercial cases are hard to prevent damage. These items are not cheap (the musical instruments I mean). Will love to see your finished FO! :slight_smile:

I was wondering…you guys may know…you know how musical gift cards have those little musical ‘things’ in them. Like a metal disc. I wonder if one of those could be bought and put into the top of a felted bag…just as a novelty??

I made that Two Measures of Joy bag from the elann website, but I made a Rach 3 felted bag instead. Mine has the first two measures of Rachmaninov’s Third piano concerto, and I personally liked the look of needle felted notes rather than embroidered. However, you could apply this music note concept to any bag or case, so don’t limit yourself to this one!!

Here’s how mine came out:

:inlove: Love your bag, Rachel! Wow!