Fluffy Angora baby booties

I just finished this pair of super soft angora baby booties.
This pattern is similar to other baby booties I’ve seen on the forum. Great minds! It is made from my own mill spun 50% angora/ 50% fine wool (Polwarth/merino cross). I love how they turned out, so fluffy and so warm! I’m now working on a baby bonnet to co-ordinate with it!

What colors do ou think I should offer the kits in?


blue, pink, green, yellow, purple, peach (though not my fav.)

They look so soft! :inlove:

Thanks for the suggestions!
Yes, they ARE incredibly soft.
These are from my own bunnies, and the yarn was professionally spun for me by Still River mill in Connecticut. She is expensive, but her work is superb. I’m offering these as a kit on eBay soon!

They’re so beautiful, and they look incredibly comfortable. Excellent work :smiley: