Flower shape wash cloth

If anyone has this pattern can u please share with me.

Looking for a Daisy shaped wash cloth pattern with 5 pedals. Thanks so much

I know two patterns:



You will find the last pattern in this book.

The April issue of Country marketplace has the pattern from Weekend knitting… I’m gonna give them a try sometime :lol:

thanks for your responses, I was looking for a free pattern, hoping it was online. I guess i can go and buy the weekend pattern book. THanks for the responses

:wink: I looked for it online, too :wink:

You could take the book out of the library, too.

Love the lib for knitting books :thumbsup: also if you didn’t want to buy the book for other patterns… the CM mag is only about 5.00 the front says it will be displayed till the 11th if you can find it… it says its the same as in the book :smiley: