Florida Fiber Fans!

I :heart: this new thread!

Wool and 97 degrees + humidity may not seem like the ideal knitthing environment (unless of course you consider the felting opportunity), but I’ve found plenty of knitting fanactics here in Sunny South Florida! Granted many of them are north east US transplants, but they are Florida knitters now!

Who else out there can appreciate a good quality cotton or linen yarn or some open lace work to let the sun shine in?

I border FL, does that count :wink:

Now Becka, you know we knitters are a mighty inclusive bunch - of course it counts!! :hug:

As most “Floridians” will tell you, hardly anyone who lives here is actually from here! :slight_smile:

LOL, well, my fam is actually from there! Generations back…orange grove peeps :wink:

Born and raised Florida native here. Tampa Bay area! :cheering:

Born and raised Florida native here. Tampa Bay area! :cheering:

Southwest FL here! I’m a transplant, of course :slight_smile:

I usually have two projects going, placed in the rooms where I watch TV. One small project (five pairs of knee booties for a great-niece) is living in the bedroom and travels with me to my home office too, for when I listen to podcasts.
My project living in the living room right now is a crocheted chenille afghan, but that’s only for nights when the air conditioning is on or we’re having a cool front. Too hot to have it on my lap, otherwise.
Knitting in Florida makes for good business for the post office, because all that stuff eventually gets shipped up north to family.

I’m from Tampa. We have quite a few knitters in this area.

Tallahassee here


born and raised here in panama city fl.

I went to school at FAMU!! :waving:

Tallahassee now has 3 yarn shops. 2 near FAMU. Each with there own special flavor…

Really Knit Stuff (great sock yarns, SeaSilk, lots of Brown Sheep)
WoolyBully ( lots of vegan yarns)
Faye’s Needleworks (lots of everything) she’s been around about 25 years or more.


Wow…sure wish I had known that 10 years ago…I could have made it through those Organic Chem lectures a little easier. :teehee:

Tallahassee actually gets COLD in the fall and winter, so you can actually use some wool! :slight_smile:

The funny thing is I’m from central New York and I had never knit, but now that I live here where it’s hot, hot, hot most of the year I’ve gone and turned addict.

Hi Jesse! :waving:

I have a few friends up in J-ville.

I see this is your first post!
Welcome to KH! :hug:

Another Floridian-knitter here! :happydance:

I’m in Central Florida, about an hour from Orlando. I’m a beginner, and just finished my first project ever: a scarf for my Panda Bear!

I’m currently working on another scarf (but this one’s for me!), and a square for Warm Up America. Also, I just taught myself to fingerknit and knit up a rope scarf in less than an hour! Aahhhhh…knitting is getting so addicting! :smiley:

Nice to meet everyone! :hug:

Welcome feminine_earth! :hug:

My sister lives in Orlando, and I went to a great knitting group meeting there a few months ago.

Congrats on your first project and your first post out here! :cheering:

I’m in Florida! I’m also a transplant, its hard to find natives here. For right now we’re in the Ft. Lauderdale area, but hopefully within the year we’ll be moving to the Space Coast.

Hi there! Have you checked out A Stitcher’s Haven down near the Broward Mall?

Also, I see in your sig line that you’re doing Caps to the Capital. Check out our KAL on here to be added to the counter for KH’ers who are knitting for this great cause (if you haven’t already). :slight_smile:

Gainesville here. Like most, a transplant.