Flokati Rug Impressions?

These were SO the rage years ago but seem to have fallen out of fashion. I need to buy a couple of rugs but after looking around today I realised I don’t really want to spend $800 for two floor rugs at the moment even if they ARE good quality. The Flokati aren’t quite the size I’d like but I’d wondering how people have found them. I will put a nonslip underlay on the tiled floor so I’m not worried about slipping as such but I’d like to know if the wool is hard wearing etc. I looked at one rug today in a store that was $400+ and the edges were coming away. You could literally pull tufts of the material out!

So, would Flokati be a good lower price range choice? I need someting with decent pile (thickness and softness).

I :heart: them! The wool is soooooo cushy on bare feet. The best thing about them, though, is that they are a cinch to clean. We just throw them in the washer and let them dry on the floor. How many rugs can you do that with? Another neat thing is that you can put two rugs side by side to create a larger rug. I did that with two 5x8 rugs to make an 8x10. The underlay we got from Home Depot not only prevents slippage, but ensures a seamless connection between the two rugs.

Our flokatis aren’t in high traffic areas so I may not be the best person to comment on how well they wear, but we haven’t had any issues.

Thanks so much!..so…no trouble with wool shedding?? Another rug from the same store is supposed to have a higher pile but it is $100 more and not available at the moment anyway. i do need two side by side to make a larger one so great you mentioned that. :hug:

Flokati are supposed to be max 40mm high in pile and these other ones 50. Quite a difference but a lot for money for that 10cm and I agree that if you can just wash them like that, that’s a big plus. Still, I’m interested to know about wool shedding. The sad thing is that I can only see Ikea selling them here and they only have white! That’s ok but I’ll see if I can locate another stockist tomorrow. Ikea is a long drive from me and it’s a LONG walk around their store and I have problem knees (which is why I wanted a soft carpet)

sorry…that was 10mm or 1cm.

We haven’t had a problem with shedding. Maybe when you look at them again, you can run your hands through the fibers and see whether anything comes loose. Do double-check that the ones you buy are washable, too. They probably are, but just in case…

I have that Ikea Flokati that a PP mentioned. I love it. It does not shed much and I easy to vaccum (Oreck vacuum). Not so easy to vacuum with my old Hoover vacuum though, I think the vacuum is just to heavy to push on the Flokati. I have never tried to wash it, it would be way to heavy for my washing machine.

CB2 (part of Crate and Barrel) has a beautiful gray one.


For big jobs, we go to the laundromat. They’ve got many sizes of machines available, including a few really ginormous ones.

These ones don’t have a cotton backing…they are described as:

Pile: 100 % Pure New Wool
Base fabric: 100% polypropylene

Thank you both so much for the exchange as I have looked and looked. I had bought two that had been imported from overseas and the glue they had used was sour and the smell was appalling. After a week I had to take them back. The Flokati I had passed over as they seemed so light etc but obviously I’m having second thoughts. If I had $800 to spare I may think of two ones I saw today but I have other furniture to buy and the Flokati seemed the right way to go.

I’d love the grey but I’m in Australia and I’ve only seen the white so far but I would have preferred the grey.

I don’t know about their rugs, but the IKEA charity people sent me a letter saying they wanted to give me $2,000,000.00. lol

spam spam spam spam spam :slight_smile: as good as the nigerian scams I think :slight_smile:

Have you had a look on AU Ebay? I just did a quick search and they had a few, very reasonably priced too, but the downside, they are all mainly white.

Hi Dee… I hate to say this but I am generally anti e-bay because of their poor response to complaints (in part).

However, today I found a rug place that - assuming they aren’t selling seconds! - are selling Flokati’s even cheaper than Ikea! so off to see them tomorrow. They also do sell on-ebay I noticed. I drooled over one of the rugs on there as it is loads cheaper than in other stores…but I need two the same to have side by side and I’d prefer to go look in person anyway. :slight_smile:

I tried to persuade my son before to go to Ikea and to check out one of their tables for me and he is reluctant as. I have a MAJOR knee problem and it’s agony walking around Ikea…miles of flooring and you have to walk around a long section to get to the checkouts. Last time I tried I could barely walk once I got there.