Flip-Top Mitten Question

For those of you who are lucky enough to live somewhere so tropical that you’re not familiar with flip-top mittens, they are fingerless mittens with a retractable top that can be pulled forward to cover the fingers. (I can’t post a link to a picture, but if you Google “flip-top mittens…”)

I’ve knitted the mitten part already, and now I need to knit and join the topper. However, I’m very bad at interpreting knitting patterns, and I’m not sure how to do it. (I currently have 15 stitches on a holder from the thumb.)

This is what it tells me: "Using Size 2 or 3 needles, cast on 24 stitches onto one needle. Pull up 24 stitches joining to body of Hand Warmers starting at thumb gusset across “top” of hard warmer (remember you’ll have a right hand and a left hand to do.)

Join to the 24 c/o stitches to front side of one Hand Warmer. [This seemingly extra “to” is the pattern’s wording, not mine.] I use a crochet hook and crochet across the top of the hand warmer 24 times.

You have successfully joined the Mitten Topper to the Hand Warmer."

I’d really appreciate any pointers on how to visualize this. Also- on resources to learn how to crochet!

Thank you so much, O.

The ‘pull up 24 sts’ means to pick them up, then you join with the 24 CO sts to work in the round.