Flex needles


I see we have in stock “flex needles” and im completely in the dark on these. Can anyone explain how they are used?


well the ones i have are flex shaft…basically they have points like a circular needle so they fit in the hand nicely but the rest of the shaft is like a circular needle cable with a stopper at the end. They are good for the person who likes knitting with straight needles but wants that flexible shaft for comfort. i haven’t used mine in about a year because i just do the circular needles. They work great though…except for the constant dropping of the needle! :wink:

Ok…but i still dot get it…the two needles are not attached to one another right…just two needles with flex shafts at the ends and two stoppers…so how do you know round with them then.

Sorry if i sound think…but im stumped…lol


You don’t knit in the round with them. They just allow you to hold lots of stitches on them without having a circular needle.

REALLY :shrug:

I truly thought they were for circ. knitting and i thought i was thicker than usual…lol

Rhy :wall: