Flax sweater help please

Hi and Happy New year to all! I was hoping someone can help me as I am on my 4th rip out of the flax sweater by tin can knits due to increase and marker issues. I’m not sure why I cannot get this. I have watched a tutorial and been to her website. I set up my markers- but the first time I missed an increase second time I had an extra increase. I just don’t understand. I set up my markers on either side of the garter panel and KFB before and after each marker keeping my garter panel 16 separated. But it also says on the marker set up to put a marker at the end of the row that I do not know what that one is for. If anyone has knit this sweater and can explain it to me like a 2 year old please help. Thank you in advance. I really want to learn this.

This is such a lovely sweater for everyone from babies to adults.
The 4 markers are set up at the raglan increase lines rather than the garter panel. You can place markers on either side of the garter panel if you wish but it’s probably a good idea to use a different color for these panels so you aren’t increasing at the garter panel markers. (see the second diagram)
The marker set up row:
p10 PM, k20 PM, p10, PM, k20, PM
for the smallest size for example. The 20sts are the front and back and the 10sts are the sleeves. The center sts of the sleeves will form the garter panel, whatever number of sts that is for your size.

thank you! I think I see now- so my set up is P16, pm K47, PM

1st row is Kfb, K to 2 before marker, Kfb, so the KFB at the beginning is the first increase then the garter panel then all the way to the end and then an increase. then the other side.

That sounds right. You’re increasing before and after each marker to that there are 8 increases per round.

Thank you! I think I had an extra increase near the garter panel. :woman_facepalming:t4:

Yes, that can happen. If you mark off the garter panel, make sure that you use different markers. Once you get past the first few rounds, you’ll be able to see the increase line and the garter panel.

i see the increases for the garter panel but i don’t understand what the last marker is for. I’m doing this on magic loop so when i get to the end after the K47 it says PM but is that an increase? Sorry for so many questions!

p16 PM, K 47 PM twice
KFB- K to 2 before raglan marker 4 times.

There actually aren’t any increases for the garter panel. The 4 markers are for the raglan increase lines. After the second K47, the PM is the 4th marker so yes, that’s an increase marker.

The first setup round has increases before and after each of these markers. The 2nd setup round:
Setup round 2: [k1, p16, k1, knit to marker] twice
places the garter panel of 16sts.
These set up rounds are almost always difficult. Don’t think twice about asking questions. That’s what the site is for.

Thank you so much! i appreciate your help! I"m going to see how this goes. Hopefully it works this time.

OK, good. I’ve sometimes use different color markers and write out a key to remind myself of which is which.
Maybe putting in a lifeline would help?

That’s a good idea! I did put a life line in after the ribbing and first set of increases. Definitely learned my lesson there. :rofl:. I’m going to try again today. I’ll see how it goes! :slightly_smiling_face:

And one more thought – don’t tackle these new steps when you’re tired. It’s so easy to muddle something that way! (Do you think I speak from experience, perhaps? :slight_smile: )